Long standing experience

 Innovative and customized services

 3d project modelling

 Reliability and professionalism

 Complete support

 Interior design

 Project management and counselling

 Stylish and modern furniture

 Custom-made (tailor-made) projects

 Carpentry work

Cristiano Borgia, owner of Profili, likes to consider his shop as a laboratory where ideas, created by his fantasy and authenticity, meet the client needs, cross each other, grow; these ideas get refined, evaluated and assessed in all their details… until they come to life in the best-chosen solution.

Whatever is created is unique and exclusive; all phases of work, from the thorough design to the on-site setup, and last but not least the best support that can be given to a client, is followed directly by the owner, using a team made of professionals and qualified artisans.

PROFILI can offer a global service, from space design to counselling on choosing the best decoration and furniture, or on refurbishing projects, up to interventions of plant engineering and construction works

PROFILI’s primary objective is to solve any problem related to furniture, through a new way to propose diverse solutions, interacting with the client in a dynamic and communicative fashion.